Smart Home - Complete Home Synergy


Blue Hawk Technologies offers complete home automation solutions by making it simple for you to control virtually any device in your home, no matter where you are, using one easy-to-use interface.

The ultimate home theaters, where you can control the shades, dim the lights and start the movie at the perfect volume. No need to fumble through more than one remote control, with the touch of one button, you can control everything from one easy to use interface.

Control one room or your entire home all at once!


Not all video is created equal and that's why we can't treat it all the same. When designing a viewing area we take into consideration the source type and quality, budget and user preference.

Through the use of video matrices, multiple display and protector technologies, outdoor video and specialty products like mirrored televisions, waterproof displays and TV lifts, we have a solution for every need.


Special acoustic treatment isolates the room from outside noise, and measured speaker placement optimizes the audio.
Plush theater seating is carefully positioned to allow for unobstructed viewing of your video content on the big screen, and with controlled room lighting to ensure the best picture delivery on your big screen or from your hi-def projector.

Custom Design

Our home theater designs are complete solutions. Blue Hawk will create a system that will allow every member of the family, young or old to easily operate even the most sophisticated home theater.

With one-touch control an automation of audio, video and lighting systems, Blue Hawk will eliminate clutter and confusion of multiple remotes with millions of buttons that no one knows what they do. This means more time spent enjoying your home cinema experience.

Smart Business

Weather its a retail store, restaurant, commercial office project or conference room, we can do it all! We offer products and services in the commercial realm for Distributed A/V, Lighting, and HVAC control, CCTV, Access Control, Board Room and Conference room displays and control, voice and data network wiring and infrastructure.


Our goal is to make your business more efficient by creating solutions that will set you apart.

Commercial Applications

Comfort and Convenience don’t have to be restricted to your home. Bring the right ambiance to your workplace and watch how light control can create a more productive environment.

Climate Control

An un-programmed thermostat can waste 20% of your heating and cooling bill. Using a smart thermostat that help reduce costs by controling the temperature from out of the office with applications on your smartphone.
Let it learn your schedual and within a few days it will run an efficient temperature through the day.

Light & Shading

A conference can serve multiple purposes throughout the day, from video presentations to brainstorming sessions.
Many of Blue Hawk’s solutions can allow you to set the right light for every business need with the convenience of personal control and one-touch settings.